While at our weekly BBQ last night, Sylvia was unlucky enough to find a patch of burrs with her head. These were the smallest burrs I have ever seen.

While we were able to pick some off while over at Aaron and Jen's house, the final picking didn't happen until after bath-time.

Here is what they were like after bath time. It was amazing how these burrs made Sylvia's hair stand up on its own. It looked like dreadlock pigtails.

Fortunately, Dora the Explorer is a new cartoon in our house and the 25 minute episode was enough to keep her attention while mom pulled out all remaining burrs.

All back to normal now... just a little thinner on a couple spots!


Canadian Motivational Speaker said...

The worse burrs are the ones that get stuck all over my two dogs when we take our walks outside in the woods. Sometimes I feel like bringing along a pair of scissors just in case.