Apple Picking

A couple weekends ago, we checked out one of our local apple orchards. Since the Woodbury area was hit hard with a hail storm earlier this year, the crop was damaged and the trees are yielding very little crop.

That being said, we had a good time checking out the rest of the farm. They had a couple goats, a bunch of turkeys (for Thanksgiving I am guessing), and a chicken coop.

They allowed us to walk through the orchard and pick any apples that we would find that seem edible. It turns out we found about two dozen various apples that worked out well for a couple apple pies that Jamie made.

Sylvia decided she wanted to pull the wagon into the orchard.
And also pull it out of the orchard... This time Daddy could help, however.
As we were leaving, the owner had us check out the mum farm that they have on the back side of the property. While only a few were in bloom, I can imagine this looks quite impressive as the season goes on.