Naughty Grandma

After Sylvia spent a night with Grandma Charlie and Aunt Marilyn she enjoys playing in the kennel. I am not sure what other naughty things they taught her??

She is also getting a little to smart with the cell phone so you may be getting a call from her soon.

Mr. Big Spoon

For some reason, Sylvia enjoys using adult sized spoons more than her baby sized spoons.

Here she is enjoying a nice bowl of applesauce and yogurt.

"I said NO cameras!"

Blake's B-day

To celebrate Blake's birthday we had pizza and cupcakes.

The kids painted a bird house for grandma's birthday.
Lead did a good job of keeping the paint on the bird house.

I think Sylvia would have preferred adding art work to Leah's walls.

I tried to get a picture of the cousins, but getting them to all look and smile at the same time is pretty hard.

Happy Halloween!

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For Grandma's Only

Here are some more cute pics from last weekend.

Fall Celbration

This past weekend was the 2nd annual fall celbration at Cokato Lake. The weather somewhat cooperated and several of our friends and family were able to attend.

It seems that Jamie was trigger happy on the camera, so we will let the pictures explain the days festivities.

Pumpkin Carving - Scott & Zach

The whole crew carving

Stewart saying "cheese" with his finished product

Blake seems happy with the results...

and Jared is even happier.

Guys telling stories about who knows what...

Still talking...

The McCracken Clan

Look out for the pumpkin eating monkey!

Turns out, Monkeys like trains...

I love campfires. Especially, the ones with a cool chimney

Zach and Sylvia playing Cars

Sylvia's 1st pile of leaves

Of course the day went by way too fast, but marks the end of a way too short Summer and Fall. I can't wait until next Spring when we can invite the gang out to the lake again.

15 Month Wellness Check


Weight - 18lb 9.5oz (<3rd%)
Height - 28.75" (10th%)
Head - 17.5" (15th%)

If she didn't look like her dad, I would really question that she is mine!

Sylvia's latest hobby includes sweeping the floor. She even sweeps under the bed!

You missed a spot!

If you look closely at her nose, you will see beads of sweat. It could be that she is working so hard, or maybe that she is wearing her winter jacket in the house...

This isn't the only broom she likes. Sylvia grabbed our curling brooms and had an absolute fit when we took them away. We may have a future Olympian on our hands.

Little Bear

I think the naughty little bear was looking for hunny and then she wasn't sure how to get down.

Big Fan!

This weekend was a great one for Minnesota sports fans. Sylvia wanted to join in the fun and get all dressed up for the festivities.

First we watched the Gophers almost win back Paul Bunyan's Axe against those pesky Badgers, but it wasn't meant to be.

Sylvia was a big fan with her Gopher's cheerleader outfit.

The more exciting part of the day was when the Twins won a great battle against the Royals. I think Sylvia's outfit (although rather boyish) was the luck the Twins needed to pull one out against Grienke.

And yes... she was sporting her Twins pride again today as we forced a game 163, which dad and grandpa will be at!

The day wasn't to be spent alone, as Charleen, Michael, and Ben made the trip down to spend 'babysitting' (aka watching sports) and Charleen and Jamie had some quality mom / daughter time.

Splish Splash with Cousin Shaylan

Labor Day weekend we headed down to Northfield for some fun in the sun.

Shaylan's pool was a perfect size and temperature for the little ones to play in. Grandpa Dan even joined in the fun. Luckily for us he didn't feel like wearing his speedo!

Big smiles from cousin Shaylan

Divin' right in!

Our apologies for being so far behind on our blog posts. We have been too busy enjoying the beautiful late summer weather to sit in front of a computer...

Big Smiles with Dad

Just a couple pictures of Dad throwing Sylvia around in the front yard. We thought you would enjoy all of the smiles! Happy Friday

Sylvia's first trip to the fair

On Friday, we headed out to Hutchinson for the McLeod County Fair. It was Sylvia's first fair experience and the first time to see all the live animals up close and personal.

She is really into books with animal pictures now, so this trip through the Children's Barnyard was quite exciting for her.

Baa says the sheep

The cow says Moo

"Corndog" the massive pig was Minnesota's biggest in 2006. It was showcased at the State Fair, and surprisingly enough is still alive today to celebrate his 10th birthday (and actually stand up!)

Sylvia got a little close and the snort scared her a bit

This is more her size.

The rabbits were also "Baa Baa" according to Sylvia

It turns out the rooster also says "Baa Baa"!

After the fair and a quick nap, we headed out to Country Kitchen for Grandma's birthday. Great times.