15 Month Wellness Check


Weight - 18lb 9.5oz (<3rd%)
Height - 28.75" (10th%)
Head - 17.5" (15th%)

If she didn't look like her dad, I would really question that she is mine!

Sylvia's latest hobby includes sweeping the floor. She even sweeps under the bed!

You missed a spot!

If you look closely at her nose, you will see beads of sweat. It could be that she is working so hard, or maybe that she is wearing her winter jacket in the house...

This isn't the only broom she likes. Sylvia grabbed our curling brooms and had an absolute fit when we took them away. We may have a future Olympian on our hands.


Jerri said...

Sylvia and Zoe both like to sweep! Zoe has been really into that lately, too. Looks like you had a great trip to NY! That was awesome that you took a trip by yourself. Congrats!