Big Fan!

This weekend was a great one for Minnesota sports fans. Sylvia wanted to join in the fun and get all dressed up for the festivities.

First we watched the Gophers almost win back Paul Bunyan's Axe against those pesky Badgers, but it wasn't meant to be.

Sylvia was a big fan with her Gopher's cheerleader outfit.

The more exciting part of the day was when the Twins won a great battle against the Royals. I think Sylvia's outfit (although rather boyish) was the luck the Twins needed to pull one out against Grienke.

And yes... she was sporting her Twins pride again today as we forced a game 163, which dad and grandpa will be at!

The day wasn't to be spent alone, as Charleen, Michael, and Ben made the trip down to spend 'babysitting' (aka watching sports) and Charleen and Jamie had some quality mom / daughter time.