Birthday #2 and #3

The nice part of a summer birthday is you generally get to celebrate several of them!  Since many people are vacationing over the summer, getting all the friends and family together for a large birthday party is difficult, so we enjoy several of the smaller varieties.

Ben - happy to be back in Minnesota, Sylvia - not impressed... 

OK, this is more like it...

It's present time!

We had a good time up at Charleen's and Micheal's house.  It was warm outside, but we were able to welcome back Ben and Hope to Minnesota and have some birthday cake for Sylvia as well.

As for July 12th...  Sylvia's actual birthday, she enjoyed a great day at school including "bike day", "treat day", and mom and dad both picking her up.  She got to pick what she wanted for dinner - shrimp on the grill.  And of course, got to open some more presents.

My little pony - "Rainbow Dash" w/ Violet testing out the new water gun from Zach and Charlie

New sheets from Ben and Bonnie!
Violet thinking that the presents may actually be for her! 

So that concludes Sylvia's 2013 birthday celebrations.  Now mom and dad just need to get all the thank yous sent out!