4th of July Celbration

The weather was much improved this year (temp and dew points at least 20 degrees cooler), the water was perfect, and Oasis Island was buoyant again!

About 20 of our closest friends joined in the festivities of the 11th annual 4th of July"celbration" last week and the countdown to July 4, 2014 has begun.

After some significant patching, the Oasis Island was back in full use!  It needs a daily fill of air, but hey, it is floating again...

Zach and his "star spangled" glasses over-seeing the action

New for 2013 - "water rockets"... I don't know the official name, but they are squirt guns on steroids.

Also new for 2013 - "sandbox on the beach"... In an attempt to bulk of the sand beach, we purchased some new sand.  Luckily for use, the kid at Menards gave us the "premium" sand which must have came direct from the Gulf Coast.  It was wonderful!

July 4th means the early B-Day cake with Sylvia.  Anxious (or hungry) friends watch closely as the candles are about to be extinguished.

Sunset on July 4th with my love, Mr. Oasis Island

The day after was a bit windier and a bit cooler, so the kids were mostly confined to the beach...

and the swing-set...  Not sure what is going on with Sylvia and Violet?

We did need to take a quick paddleboat ride however.  Zach and Sylvia doing the leg work while Violet was captain of the vessel! 

Looking forward to spending the 12th annual 4th of July celbration with our family and "our family".