Violet's One Year (corrected) Check-up

Last week Violet had her NICU follow-up appointment at Childrens.

It is a long 2.5hour appointment, but several development tests are completed, along with the standard measurements and overall assessment.

Bayley Scales of Infant Development
Cognitive Score - 115 (Age equivalence = 15 months)
Motor Score - 100 (Age equivalence = 13 months)
Language Score - 94 (Age equivalence = 12 months)

The doctors noted that there is absolutely nothing to worry about with were Violet is at in these tests.  I found it interesting to note that she did the best on the first set of tests (cognitive) and as the day went on, here scores got worse - I have to think the length of the test had something to do with this...

Height - 28 7/8" (45th percentile preemie / 10th percentile standard)
Weight - 20# 8oz (75th percentile preemie / 15th percentile standard)
Head - 18 1/2" (85th percentile preemie / 75th percentile standard)

Her next follow-up visit to Childrens is when she is two years old.  There will be no "age correction" when she attends that appointment.

And last, but certainly not least... the "improved" walking video!