Sylvia's 4 Year Check-up

Due to scheduling issues, Sylvia's 4 year check-up was more like a 4 year 1 month check-up, but all in all she is doing great.

Height - 38.5" (25th percentile)
Weight  33# (25th percentile)
BMI  15.6  (60th percentile)

BMI - Really?!?!?  Is this really needed for a four year old?  Maybe I am just sensitive about this measurement as I am considered "obese".  While I am not the most fit guy in the world, I don't feel that I am obese.  But enough about me!

Back to Sylvia.  She started Pre-K at Peace of Mind this week.  Not a huge change for us, but two new teachers and a new morning routine.  We go to the gym every morning instead of directly to the classroom.  Sylvia is still getting used to this new schedule, but she does get to see more of her friends, Ingrid and Ingrid.

This past weekend we moved a large play structure / swing set from a friends house to our home.  It took about 15 hours and three trips to Home Depot to complete the trip, but watching the girls play on it was definitely worth the work.

And now for some more great pics from Missy.