Walking on Nails

Some of you may be aware of NBC's "hit" Summer show - America's Got Talent.  Basically you perform in front of a panel of judges and they will either vote you through to the next round or send you home.

Well Sylvia has been training for her spot on the show.  Her talent?  While walking on nails of course!  Her training injuries are captured below:

Don't worry concerned followers, her feet are just fine...  She just loves those 3M bandages!

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I think the girls are winning, but  you are probably used to that after over 30 years of being out numbered! Have a super day.

Your little rug rats!  XOXO


For those that have been in our house, I think you may be able to picture this.  Violet has become quite mobile lately.  She likes to crawl underneath the church pew in our living room and look through the spindles connecting the kitchen to the living room.  The trouble is, she is about the only thing that can fit in that gap.  Needless to say, we are working on adjusting the positioning of the pew, if not putting up more "guards".  I have a feeling as she gets more mobile, she will discover more places to get stuck!

Baby Steps 3K and Violet's 1st Birthday Party

Last weekend was Violet's 1st birthday.  It was also the Baby Steps 3K which supports the Children's Hospital NICU unit.  When we received the postcard in the mail a few months back, we knew we had to do it.

We recruited walkers and cash donations and we are quite happy to report that we blew our first year goals out of the water.  We were hoping for 25 walkers and had 30, while we were hoping to raise $1000, the combined efforts of all on Team Violet raised $2539.00!!!  Out of the 87 teams fundraising, Team Violet came in 3rd place!!! 

Megan and Violet were all smiles at the beginning of the walk

Team Violet prepping our uniforms

Super Hero Capes for all the Kids

The weather was perfect for a nice 3K walk

Don't forget about the hair spray paint!

High Five Auntie Missy

The group passing by the Grandstand

We did it!!!

Violet crossing the "finish line"

Following the walk, we invited family and friends over to join in celebrating Violet's first year of life.  The weather was great, the cake was good, and the family and friends all caught up on what has happened since we were all together last.

Trinity with the birthday girl

Angelina and Sylvia checking out her new Strawberry Shortcake dolls

This is a big bite!

The whole gang enjoying cake around the table...
while the parents try to enjoy some quite time on the lawn.

Thanks again to all who participated and donated to this very important cause.

Happy Birthday Sylvia.. ooops I mean Violet

This past weekend we celebrated Violet's 1st birthday.   A couple presents showed up early, so we used that opportunity to teach Violet how to open presents.  She did a pretty good job with her first present from Ben and Bonnie. 

Look at my new swim suit!!!

On Sunday, we opened up the remaining presents.  This is when the big sister had to oversee the operation offering tips and her editorial on the presents Violet did receive.

"See Violet, this is a tea set to play tea party"

I love my new doll!
Thanks for the new owl book.  (Doesn't this picture look like she has on camouflage?)

New shoes - Style "Violet"  YEAH!

We wanted to thank everyone for the great presents!

We did have a one year wellness visit yesterday... the stats are as follows:

Height - 29" (50th percentile)
Weight - 19# 4oz (20th percentile)  - Sylvia was 17# 6oz at 1 year
Head - 18" (70th percentile)

Wow - she is getting big!!!

Happy Birthday Violet!!!!!

Today marks one year of life for our little baby (Born 6/03/11 7:12PM).  Her life sure didn't start out how we expected (30 wks 3# 4.55oz), but she has been doing great ever since. (18.5# as of last week - updated stats in a couple day)

Not sure what to think about this big thing in front of me!

Oh, never mind....  It is tasty!
I love frosting!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Violet!