Happy Birthday Sylvia.. ooops I mean Violet

This past weekend we celebrated Violet's 1st birthday.   A couple presents showed up early, so we used that opportunity to teach Violet how to open presents.  She did a pretty good job with her first present from Ben and Bonnie. 

Look at my new swim suit!!!

On Sunday, we opened up the remaining presents.  This is when the big sister had to oversee the operation offering tips and her editorial on the presents Violet did receive.

"See Violet, this is a tea set to play tea party"

I love my new doll!
Thanks for the new owl book.  (Doesn't this picture look like she has on camouflage?)

New shoes - Style "Violet"  YEAH!

We wanted to thank everyone for the great presents!

We did have a one year wellness visit yesterday... the stats are as follows:

Height - 29" (50th percentile)
Weight - 19# 4oz (20th percentile)  - Sylvia was 17# 6oz at 1 year
Head - 18" (70th percentile)

Wow - she is getting big!!!