As the weather has been warming up, so has the growth of dandelions in our yard.  In a normal year, Jamie would crawl around on her hands a knees pulling them out of the ground.  Like a normal man, I figured using a tool would likely be much easier... Well I can tell you that it does work pretty good, but it does make it much easier to strap on the backpack and carry Violet around as well.  She loves being in there and we can spend 20 or more minutes before she starts to fuss too much.  Now if we could only get a good set of ear muffs, she could "help" dad mow the lawn as well!

Easter Catch Up

I will blame being tardy on posting these pictures due to the computer hard drive crashing.  Yeah, that sounds like a good reason...  Well the computer did crash, but it was back on-line in a day, so I guess we have just had other things going on that have prevented these post from going up.

Due to our almost unlimited supply of farm fresh eggs (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa), we haven't had to buy eggs at the grocery store for some time.  Generally Easter time is when you buy a couple extra dozen eggs and let the kids make a mess of them...  Well, we figured why not give the "good eggs" a shot at being dyed.  Even with the darker shell, they turned out great.

Easter Day was spent at Grandma and Grandpa's and Sylvia was presented with her new chicken.  This little chick will have a grey / purple color once it grows up.  After a couple weeks of hard work, Sylvia decided to name her "Cinderella"

Of course we need candy as well.  The adults "hid" about 150 eggs for the kids to find.  Surprisingly, most had a similar number of eggs, even including Leo - Tim and Marilyn's foreign exchange student from Brazil.  While not certain, this may have been his first Easter egg hunt.

More new posts to come - we promise!

Sunday Morning

The girls were spending some time reading books together.  Needing to capture this precious moment on camera, mom sneaks in to snap some pics. 

Once she is busted, she asks Violet to smile for the camera.  Her attempt is decent, but still with a somewhat shocked look.

Her big sister, on the other hand, knows exactly what to do when mom says "smile".  Out comes the tongue!  Hopefully she behaves better during her school pictures!

Family Time

Kevin and Liz were spending some time with the girls last week.  Well, it looks like Liz was spending time with Sylvia and Kevin was spending time with children's books and snuggling with a pug.  I guess we all define baby-sitting differently!

Cookie Monster

Somebody was trying to steal Sylvia's buck-a-roo cookies that Grandpa made...

Violet appears to be the guilty party.

Hey Peeps!

Hello to all of my peeps out there. I just wanted to show you my sweet new teeth and my awesome mohawk.