As the weather has been warming up, so has the growth of dandelions in our yard.  In a normal year, Jamie would crawl around on her hands a knees pulling them out of the ground.  Like a normal man, I figured using a tool would likely be much easier... Well I can tell you that it does work pretty good, but it does make it much easier to strap on the backpack and carry Violet around as well.  She loves being in there and we can spend 20 or more minutes before she starts to fuss too much.  Now if we could only get a good set of ear muffs, she could "help" dad mow the lawn as well!


JFibers said...

Hey guys... our neighbors have a set of ear muffs that they kid wears to help dad mow the lawn... super cute and extra safe- both good qualities! I'll check into the manufacturer and get back to you.