Happy 7 month

We are a couple days late, but that is what happens when daddy goes back to work!  

Sylvia's 1st real food was on New Years Day 2009 
Violet's was just a couple days later (January 4th, 2012)

Technically she is ~1 month older when she had solids, but corrected for age, she was 1 month earlier than Sylvia, so those cancel out and they are the same...  

Not quite sure what to think here...

Maybe I do like this?

She did get a bit upset when Jamie stopped feeding her, and relaxed when she got some more, so I think it went pretty good for the 1st "real" food.

Enjoy the rest of the week - the last Christmas is coming up this weekend, followed by the Christmas 2011 post!


Liz said...

OMG - she is so big!!!

JFibers said...

YEA!!! Real food sounds delicious! What a cutie!