Violet 7.5 Month Update

Well the little one continues to grow.  Yesterday she had a nurses visit for a couple shots.  Prior she was weighed for our records...

15# 2oz!!!

A couple of Violet's favorite things:

  • putting anything she can possible put in her mouth - including toys, hands, and even her feet!
  • she has recently fell in love with 'solids' including cauliflower, squash, pears, and broccoli
  • she loves jumping - both in her johnny jump-up and her exersaucer
  • full of giggles...  we will get more of those on tape

As we thought about it, Sylvia was "small" for her age, so we wanted to graph the weights of the two girls based on their age (not corrected age).  It may have taken Violet 200 days to catch up, but she has overtaken her sister in the weight department!!!

It will take some data mining, but the next assignment is to plot their lengths side by side.


Trinity said...

Way to feed that sibling rivalry early on :)

Liz said...


JFibers said...

Hey, nice hat and graph!!!!