And the rest of the story...

Per normal, our holiday season was filled with many Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

Sylvia opening her Hello Kitty doll from Santa on Christmas Night

Cousins chasing one another at the Dunphys

Violet with Cousin Claire at the Anderson Farm

Dice game at the Anderson Farm

Sylvia's ornament she made at school

Santa stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house as well!

 The cousins also decorated gingerbread men - yummy!

Santa also stopped at Auntie Leah's house...  

  and guess what... more treats!  This time sprinkles on the ice-cream

Let's not forget, Christmas at the Brodds. 

Wrapping up the holiday season on January 8th!

While it was a long three weeks, Sylvia still had time to help her sister open all of her presents.  I guess that is what big sisters are for, right?