The Castle

Last Wednesday night, Sylvia had Date Night with Grandma and Grandpa, while Adam, Jamie, and Violet had a Date Night as well.

A bit of history behind The Castle. When Jamie was admitted to the hospital on May 23rd, we knew that hopefully this was a long term stay. When Sylvia came to visit mom, we wanted to remember fun stuff and not hospital stuff. As it turns out, Sylvia was one step ahead of us. As we were driving to the hospital back on May 25th, Sylvia yells out "The Castle" as we drove by the St. Paul Cathedral. Ever since that trip, when we drive by, we discuss who is in the castle today. It is usually Fiona (from Shrek), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), or Cinderella. We always meant to go check out the castle close up, but that never happened... Well not until last week that is.

They played outside on the grounds as well as taking a stroll through the church. Pictures are not allowed inside, which is too bad, because Sylvia had found a small door that they keep all of the crowns in. (I am sure the real crowns are hidden somewhere else, but let the kid imagine)

There was even time to relax and smell the flowers.

Time to go home...

Thanks to Charleen and Michael for spending this special night with Sylvia. Mom and Dad enjoyed our appetizers and Happy Hour!