41 week (11 week) update

Since Sylvia was born at 41 weeks, we thought this would be a nice comparison.

Violet went in for her weekly weigh-in and, drum roll please....

8# 0.5oz!!!
As a comparison, Sylvia was 6# 11oz at birth (41 weeks)

Things continue to progress. Still on the force feeding schedule, but at least that is becoming a normal routine that we are living with.

McLeod County Fair tomorrow!

Thanks for the great picture Missy!


Liz said...

What a gorgeous photo! Bravo Violet! Wait until you try the cheese curds at the fair... yum-o! :)

JFibers said...

Way to go Violet!!!! Hugs and have fun at the fair! P.S. Two jars of jam have been consumed and they were delicious! Thanks again!