Chicken Run

Sylvia spent last night at Grandma and Grandpa's house to give mom and dad a "date night". While the lack of a nap today and a crabby child, I think Jamie and I needed some quiet time alone last night.

As you can see, I think Charleen either got them wet or fed them after midnight, because her chickens have multiplied. (I am sure most of you get the reference, but if not, it is from the movie Gremlins)

All of the kids have their own chickens... This one is Sylvia's chicken - Elvis

Cousins taking a group photo with funny faces...

I wonder if Jarred has his license for tractor driving?


and more giggles...

As for an update on our status. Jamie and baby continue to remain the same, which is the best we can ask for now. We thank everyone for the help, food, company, etc.

During our date night last night, we were planning on watching a movie and relaxing, but instead we had the opportunity to have a wheelchair ride (Jamie's 1st trip out of her room since Monday) as well as a tour of the neonatal ICU. It was very impressive and they obviosuly know what they are doing. Of the 50 rooms they have, one of them will be for our little peanut once she is born. They are private rooms with a couch (bed) for mom and dad to spend time with her.

In other news, the naming game just moved into overdrive. Since most all nurses have asked if we have a name picked out, I figure I should do my part to start searching. Baby Name Wizard is my new favorite website!

Until the next update.... Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.