Weekend Fun

Who says you can't fit 30 bags of mulch in the back end of a Rogue? Oh yeah, that's right, you can. It took some Tetris like skills, but I managed to do it. I enjoyed the young punk working at Menards giving me the 'yeah, that's really gonna fit it that small car' smarta** comment. I should've grabbed him and showed him my fully loaded car, but figured it wasn't worth my time. At any rate, I have 70 bags of mulch to lay down once I get the rest of the yard prepped.

We were able to get out to the lake for a day last weekend as well. Jamie took a picture next to this tree when she was pregnant with Sylvia. This time around she gets to share it with Sylvia. Looking through the pictures from back then, it is hard to believe how much work has been done out at the lake since then...

While the rain showers have limited the weekend activities thus far, we hope that the sun peeks through for a little bit so we can enjoy the outside and get the garden planted.