Chicken Run

Sylvia spent last night at Grandma and Grandpa's house to give mom and dad a "date night". While the lack of a nap today and a crabby child, I think Jamie and I needed some quiet time alone last night.

As you can see, I think Charleen either got them wet or fed them after midnight, because her chickens have multiplied. (I am sure most of you get the reference, but if not, it is from the movie Gremlins)

All of the kids have their own chickens... This one is Sylvia's chicken - Elvis

Cousins taking a group photo with funny faces...

I wonder if Jarred has his license for tractor driving?


and more giggles...

As for an update on our status. Jamie and baby continue to remain the same, which is the best we can ask for now. We thank everyone for the help, food, company, etc.

During our date night last night, we were planning on watching a movie and relaxing, but instead we had the opportunity to have a wheelchair ride (Jamie's 1st trip out of her room since Monday) as well as a tour of the neonatal ICU. It was very impressive and they obviosuly know what they are doing. Of the 50 rooms they have, one of them will be for our little peanut once she is born. They are private rooms with a couch (bed) for mom and dad to spend time with her.

In other news, the naming game just moved into overdrive. Since most all nurses have asked if we have a name picked out, I figure I should do my part to start searching. Baby Name Wizard is my new favorite website!

Until the next update.... Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.

29 Weeks

We have made it to 29 weeks. Baby seems happy to stay where she is and momma is doing well. Every day she stays put is a blessing so we are taking it one day at a time too.

We have been upgraded to a new room.

New room # 2312

New phone#651-241-7345

I would like to thank everyone for there prayers, happy vibes and help. This is all very overwhelming, but all of your support is helping so much and I don't know how to thank all of you.

P.S. thanks to Missy for more cute Sylvia pics

P.S.S. thanks to the mystery flower sender-I think the card got lost, but they are beautiful.


A quick update with some more great pictures from Missy. (

Followed by some not so great news... For those that haven't seen the 'press release':

On Monday morning when Jamie was at work, her water broke. She was taken to the clinic next to work and then transferred to United Hospital in St. Paul. These last 36 hours have been extremely nerve-wracking as we don't really have control of anything and have been inundated with doctors, tests, uncertainties... What we do know is that Jamie is not in labor, no contractions, no pain, etc. What we also know is that Jamie will be in the hospital until our little girl is born. The goal will be 34 weeks (6 weeks from now), but every day is critical for baby's development.

This news has been extremely difficult to swallow. This obviously will be a huge change to our family - but it is only short term. We know that Jamie and Baby are in the best hands and they will do everything they can to provide the best care for Jamie and our little one.

Jamie's Contact Info:
Telephone - 651-241-7356 (This is direct to her room)
United / Children's Hospital (333 N Smith Ave. St. Paul) Room 2334 (we will have a laptop for her shortly)

Sylvia and I are trying our best to figure out a routine to get through this time. We will likely attend BBQ's / B-day parties / etc... to try to keep life as normal as we can. I know you will ask what can be done to help and all I can say is anything you want to do, I am fine with.

Thank you all for your thoughts during this time.

Tonight we decided it was time for Sylvia to see Mommy. She did great (and so did Jamie)... When we left it was a bit tough, mostly due to Sylvia's comments.
A: OK, we need to go home now.
S: But I don't want to.
J: It is OK, I will see you soon
S: I want mom to come home
J: I need to stay at the hospital so baby is OK
S: But I love you
(A & J trying to hold it together after hearing Sylvia say that)
J: I love you to

I can't thank you all enough for the support we have gotten thus far. Hopefully we can get some sort of routine set up over these next couple months. As tough as it may seem, we need to stay positive... for example, we have already made it three days! Hopefully another 36 or so until baby decides to show up. Until Chapter Two...

Weekend Fun

Who says you can't fit 30 bags of mulch in the back end of a Rogue? Oh yeah, that's right, you can. It took some Tetris like skills, but I managed to do it. I enjoyed the young punk working at Menards giving me the 'yeah, that's really gonna fit it that small car' smarta** comment. I should've grabbed him and showed him my fully loaded car, but figured it wasn't worth my time. At any rate, I have 70 bags of mulch to lay down once I get the rest of the yard prepped.

We were able to get out to the lake for a day last weekend as well. Jamie took a picture next to this tree when she was pregnant with Sylvia. This time around she gets to share it with Sylvia. Looking through the pictures from back then, it is hard to believe how much work has been done out at the lake since then...

While the rain showers have limited the weekend activities thus far, we hope that the sun peeks through for a little bit so we can enjoy the outside and get the garden planted.

Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is warming up, it is time for some spring cleaning. Sylvia did her part as well by washing out her house. She used the hose, some scrubbers, and a towel to finish it off. We all needed to get out of the house after the long winter, so we are now taking every chance we can, even if it is to 'chores'.