Last week at school, they played a name recognition game where they write a student's name on the whiteboard and if it is your name you stand up. While Sylvia has really started to understand her name and other "S" names, she has also picked up a name for her yet to be born baby sister. (Well we think that is the baby she is talking about... it is always referred to as "her baby")

For the past two weeks or so, Sylvia has been talking about Baby Gouda. While this may seem a bit strange for a not yet three year old, she definitely has a pallet for the 'fancy' cheeses. She has sampled, and liked, over 10 different varieties of cheeses from an aged farmhouse cheddar to dads favorite blue cheese. Not your run of the mill, hot chicken wings dipping sauce blue cheese... we are talking dirty feet stinky blue cheese, and she loves it! So, I guess that Baby Gouda may not be too far out there for our big girl. I am hoping that she refrains from taking too many bites of the little one once August rolls around.


Anonymous said...

~*Awe*~... we taught our middle son to write his name using the "BINGO" song... T~Y~L~E~R... and Tyler was his name-o

We haven't figured out Anthony's yet

Ben & Bonnie said...

Great name! Hope you're considering it.