Happy Easter!

As with every holiday, we try to fit three days worth of family and friends into one day. Easter Sunday was no different. We started the day at Dan and Kelley's house in Northfield.

Sylvia was a bit quiet and attached to Dad's arm for most of the morning, but finally broke loose and tried out Shaylan's guitar for a while.

Since the weather was finally warming up, they also had a chance to play outside on the deck with the trikes and the slide.

The next stop was Tim and Marilyn's house just down the road. While I was out back keeping the young ones occupied, the Easter Bunny dropped off the goods. Jared, Blake, and Sylvia quickly gathered up the eggs.... They actually did a good job a sharing - well, they gave Sylvia all of the raisins, while they took the gummy bears, so maybe not such a good job...

And the last stop for the day was at the Willard house. Liz's parents were in town for the Easter weekend / Charlie's 1st birthday and the Roses and us shared in the fun.

A bit of kickball in the driveway
followed by some swinging and sliding
and lastly Charlie and Reagan trying to prevent their skin from touching the grass... the parents really got a kick out of this one.

It was time to leave, which is always a fun thing to do, and Sylvia had to throw a little bit of a fit, but then again it was a very long day with a really short nap, so all things considered, she did pretty good.