Elf in Training

Spoiler Alert - If you are a male in this family, you likely don't want to read this post until after we have opened presents!

In the sake of making this a homemade Christmas, Sylvia has been busy with her crafting time. Under the watchful eye of her teacher, the young apprentice hones her craft. Hopefully the finished product gives joy for years to come.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Since Trinity was over to celebrate her B-Day with Jamie, she was able to partake in a little craft time with Sylvia as well.

Sylvia carefully applying peanut butter to the pine cone (I think I may need to discuss with Jamie the fact that Sylvia is using a sharp knife for this task - but that is for another time)
Once the peanut butter is applied, some scoops of bird seed over the top will make a tasty bird treat.
"I can do it myself Mom!!!"
Dad also got in the mix when Sylvia and I hung our bird feeders with care... now we wait for the birds to feast on the tasty creation!

Getting Comfy

Snow Day

Like most of Minnesota, we got hit hard with snow on Saturday. Because of the crazy wind, it was hard to tell how much we really got, but it was between 16 and 20 inches.

Sylvia spent most of the weekend on this side of the window, mostly because of the wind chill factor. She did stay busy organizing the window clings.
While the front entry was shoveled out twice yesterday, there was a large drift covering the door again this morning.
A view from the garage looking at the large snow mountain for the neighborhood kids to play on. They were busy digging tunnels and setting up their winter fort.

Even with my neighbor blowing out our driveway twice, it was still quite the exercise moving all of the white stuff around... I am quite certain I know what Santa is bringing this guy.

Minnie the X-mas Elf

Sylvia is such a big fan of her Micky Mouse scrubs and ears... I think she wears her ears almost every night.

The first night we brought the tree home, she was helping out quite a bit. She was even unscrewing the lightbulbs from the string of lights. So much for the C9 sized lights. After she went to bed, Jamie and I swapped them out for the traditional sized ones.

Of course Sylvia gets her own 'baby' sized tree. Don't you think she is proud of it!??!?!?

Her "I'm really, really excited my eyes are closed" look was shown again tonight when she was DRINKING the ketchup from the little cup at Wendy's. I almost lost my dinner! YUK

Winter Cabin Fun

Last weekend the family made the trip out to Cokato to check on the progress and do a bit of work on the property as well.

Here is a shot from the lake looking back at the cabin
Inside in the living room - looking up into the loft. I love the hand rails and spindles which were reclaimed from an Ash tree that needed to come down to make room for the cabin.
Since the weather cooperated, we were even able to have a nice big winter bonfire (it did finally start on fire...)
Due to the mixed temperatures and heavy winds a couple days earlier, there were some really cool ice formations along the shore line.

We had a great day and am completely amazed how the new cabin looks. Can't wait to share it with the extended 'family' soon!

Rice Crispie Eating Skunk

I mean seriously... what kind of parent dresses their child in a skunk dog Halloween costume?

Probably the same type of people that buy costumes for their dog!
(in my defense, the costume was like 90% off...)

Also noted in this picture is Sylvia's new habit of closing her eyes when she is SUPER happy. So the question remains - is she happy because of the rice crispie bar or the skunk costume?