Minnie the X-mas Elf

Sylvia is such a big fan of her Micky Mouse scrubs and ears... I think she wears her ears almost every night.

The first night we brought the tree home, she was helping out quite a bit. She was even unscrewing the lightbulbs from the string of lights. So much for the C9 sized lights. After she went to bed, Jamie and I swapped them out for the traditional sized ones.

Of course Sylvia gets her own 'baby' sized tree. Don't you think she is proud of it!??!?!?

Her "I'm really, really excited my eyes are closed" look was shown again tonight when she was DRINKING the ketchup from the little cup at Wendy's. I almost lost my dinner! YUK


Camille P.Bardin said...

We wich you a merry Xmas
And a happy new year for your family !