3M Picnic - The Lost Photos

As mentioned in our previous post, we had the 3M family picnic but failed to bring the camera with. Luckily Liz was able to share some of the pictures with us.

Sylvia enjoying the pony ride - notice both hands are gripped tightly onto the saddle.

A proud dad looking on as the teenager pulls around my daughter on her 1st pony ride.

It wasn't all pony rides however... Apparently, Sylvia was under the impression that she could get out of the jumpy castle through the netting!?!

Zach and Sylvia were showing the rest of the kids how to do it right...

And finally a quick picture of the goat herd that was "attacking" small children. No picture of the killer turkey, but believe us, he was there somewhere.

Thanks again to Liz for sharing these pictures with us (and now you all)