Aaaarrrgggghhhh - Pirate Monkey

Tonight we attended a picnic at Tartan Park with Adam's 3M division for a family picnic. Even though the weather was ridiculously hot and humid, we had a great time. They did a fantastic job setting up events for the kids including a petting zoo, a bunch of jumpy castles, a climbing wall, and even pony rides. (I think I have to buy Sylvia a pony now - FYI).

After the dinner was over we enjoyed a fudge-sickle with mom and then spotted the spray on tattoo stand. From a mile away, Sylvia spotted the monkey. Eat your heart out Auntie Leah.

Since we are bad parents and didn't bring the camera, Sylvia was kind enough to pose for a couple pictures before bath time - even though we were already late for bed time... I think she was a bit hopped up on the fudge-sickle.

Hope you enjoy...

Liz is a good parent and brought her camera, so hopefully we will have a picture of Sylvia's 1st pony ride at a later date.


Anonymous said...

I want one to match :)
Good pick
Auntie LEAH :)

JFibers said...

Aaaa-Dorrrr-Abbbb--Le!!!! She is such a cutie!