Where's Adam?

Sylvia has acquired quite a few stuffed animals from her mom and dad as well as from gifts from others. From time to time, she loves to take them all out of the cradle, put them on the couch, and them put then back in the cradle. Yesterday morning took a slight turn as she decided to bury dad with the stuffed animals. When that was done, it was time to include Lucy in the fun.

For some reason, Sylvia felt that Lucy needed a quilt over her. Maybe she wanted Lucy to hide? Maybe to blend in? Who knows... At any rate, Lucy doesn't really like blankets on her...

So Lucy's best defense, the tongue! She came straight at Sylvia with the tongue fully extended. As Sylvia surprisingly backed away (this time not embarrassing the kiss of the dog), the two seemed to come to an understanding.

No blanket over the head = hugs for Sylvia and Lucy!