4th of July

This past weekend we enjoyed our 8th annual 4th of July Celbration. This was the second year at Cokato Lake and while the group continues to grow with little ones, we continue to make things work.

Since the weather forecasters (aka Doom and Gloom) forecasted thunderstorms on the 4th, we planned for the worst and set up a small circus tent. It ended up being a great shade maker for the young and old alike.

Since the weather was warm, we enjoyed the water, and even a ride or two on the Jet-Ski
A 14 day old Reagan taking some time out on the dock bench, while Liz and Zach check out the action on the lake.
Oasis Island made it out for another go round

Time for some shade

A look out at the lake from under the big top
Dinner time under the big top...
Sylvia's 2nd birthday cake. It was so cute when everyone started to sing "Happy Birthday", Sylvia buried her head into her hands... while initially I thought she was crying, she was just hiding due to embarrassment.
With a little help from Kasey, Sylvia was able to blow out the candle.
Sylvia trying to put on her Elmo hat
Aaron and Jen sporting their matching 5th Annual Celbration T-shirts. (Thanks for your help on the grill Gramps)
The boys checking out the see-saw. This swing set was my moms when she was growing up and with some replaced wood seats and rubber swing it is just like new.
It is present time!!!
Tats, need we say more?

Until next year....


Liz said...

Mom's old swing set seemed to be a hit -- looks like they could hardly contain themselves.

Also, why have I never seen Oasis Island before. That should be a staple every time the family goes to the lake. BOOZE CRUISE.

Trinity said...

Happy Birthday Sylvia! Sorry I missed the fun-filled day and the shy birthday girl.