Happy Monday

Thanks for the picture Missy

Hi Chicks!

My mom has been a proud chicken owner for about 2 weeks. I think Sylvia will have lots of fun with them, but they do take a little getting used to.

We are working on naming them. So far we have Marilyn which is the craziest chick and she was named after my mom's little sister. Blake named his chick light because it has lots of colors and Jared named his Reeses. I named mine Elvis--I am hoping for crazy big feathers and blue eggs.

Baby chicks poop a lot so once they can go outside we can play with them more.

These are the type of chickens she has. Most will lay brown eggs, but some will do blue.

Std. Blue Cochin

Std Silver Cochin

Gold Wyandotte

Dark Brahma

Rhode Island Red

Red Campine


Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

After nap time on Saturday, we packed up the car and headed down to Northfield to spend some time with the Dunphy's. (Not the Dunphy's from Modern Family - which is a hilarious show by the way). The weather was great and allowed for some outside time for the cousins.

Shaylan was very protective of her three cell phones, while Sylvia followed close behind trying to increase her collection.

The crew was content sitting around the slide, while the two little ones went up and down, up and down, up and down.... well you get the picture.
After sliding ran its course, the next game was "circles". The two chased each other around the slide until 1) someone got caught 2) someone fell over or 3) someone wanted to play a new game.

After all of that hard work, the girls sat down for an afternoon tea.

We all enjoyed a nice meal of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs... because the night was getting late, we saved dessert until we were back in Mpls. I was thinking Syliva would be fast asleep prior to leaving Northfield - it was already over an hour past her bedtime. She not only stayed up through Northfield, but the entire ride home. She didn't make a peep, just stayed awake. Once we walked in the door, it was off to bed... What a great kid!

Happy Easter

With the weather continuing to be nice through the Easter weekend, Sylvia was able to hunt for her Easter baskets from Ben and Bonnie and Grandma & Grandpa. She didn't really know what to do with the basket, but she knows what to do with the eggs.

She doesn't quite understand the concept however... all of these eggs were empty.

Grandma and Grandpa Brodd came down to visit and we enjoyed the afternoon at Como Zoo. It hasn't been warm enough for all the animals to be outside, so instead we were in the 90 degree buildings.
The Siberian Tiger was outside catching some rays. Sylvia gave here best "roar" to the tiger.

The bronze statues of the primates made for photo ops.
Not really sure what is going on here...
After the zoo, we headed across the road to enjoy a ham dinner picnic style.

We all had a great afternoon and enjoyed the weather very much.

Easter Egg Hunt

We headed down to Lakeville on Saturday to attend an Easter get-together at the Rose house. The weather turned out to be pleasant and the kids were all in good spirits...

The guys were in charge of hiding the eggs, so there were the easy ones (the middle of the lawn) and the hard ones (in the branches of trees).
Sylvia discovered that pine trees are sharp!
Dad needs to help out sometimes...
Kasey was quite successful in her hunting as well. Her basket is overflowing with eggs.

Enjoying the rewards...

So is Scott taking Zach's beer? Or the other way around?

Our new favorite ride - grass sledding

And after a long day playing outside, a group bath was the perfect end to a great day.


Auntie Missy shared some flowers with us recently. What better than kid / flower pictures?

"It matches my jacket"

"Woodchips... I like those"

Random cute kid picture

The improv chair

Whoops... I guess that is why rain spouts are not chairs!