Big Smiles with Dad

Just a couple pictures of Dad throwing Sylvia around in the front yard. We thought you would enjoy all of the smiles! Happy Friday

Sylvia's first trip to the fair

On Friday, we headed out to Hutchinson for the McLeod County Fair. It was Sylvia's first fair experience and the first time to see all the live animals up close and personal.

She is really into books with animal pictures now, so this trip through the Children's Barnyard was quite exciting for her.

Baa says the sheep

The cow says Moo

"Corndog" the massive pig was Minnesota's biggest in 2006. It was showcased at the State Fair, and surprisingly enough is still alive today to celebrate his 10th birthday (and actually stand up!)

Sylvia got a little close and the snort scared her a bit

This is more her size.

The rabbits were also "Baa Baa" according to Sylvia

It turns out the rooster also says "Baa Baa"!

After the fair and a quick nap, we headed out to Country Kitchen for Grandma's birthday. Great times.

weekend fun

Another weekend means another time to spend with friends and family out at Cokato Lake.

Sylvia sure was happy to get back out to the lake!

She even got an opportunity to try our Oasis Island. She was loving it!

Don't worry... Everyone else got a chance as well.

Stuart made for a great picture...

Look Ma, No Hands! Grandpa Jim giving Adam a lesson on how to sail.

"What is my dad doing in that crazy rainbow thing?" says Sylvia to Grandma

"OK kids, here is the deal. The first one to grab me a beer and come back wins." says Ben to the children

Bumpin' Fists with Sawyer and Sylvia

Even though the rain started in the early afternoon, I think all of the kids and most of the adults had a pretty good time. Next time we will hope for better weather to prepare the big marshmallow s'mores.

Imation Cabin Weekend

Adam's work friends from Imation ventured out to Cokato Lake last weekend to enjoy some time away from the office. The weather was great for swimming (our first hot & humid day all Summer it seems like).

Sylvia had a great time 'swimming' in her little whale floaty toy.

While the bigger kids enjoyed Oasis Island - Thanks Willards! She is all ready for this weekend!

A first at the Cabin was breakfast on the campfire. Scott took on this challenge and you can see it was hot (as he wipes the sweat from his brow).

Emma (Scott and Margaret's youngest)

Abby (Scott & Margaret's Oldest) and Henry (Bruce and Anne's Nephew)

The kids had fun, the adults had fun, and all in all it was a great weekend. Can't wait to do it again.

Mismatch day

August is silly month at daycare (maybe they couldn't think of a better theme). Friday was mismatch day. Sylvia proudly wore her Harley shirt with pink flower pants, tie dyed socks and mismatched shoes. She didn't seem to mind, but dad had to change her before we ran to Target.