weekend fun

Another weekend means another time to spend with friends and family out at Cokato Lake.

Sylvia sure was happy to get back out to the lake!

She even got an opportunity to try our Oasis Island. She was loving it!

Don't worry... Everyone else got a chance as well.

Stuart made for a great picture...

Look Ma, No Hands! Grandpa Jim giving Adam a lesson on how to sail.

"What is my dad doing in that crazy rainbow thing?" says Sylvia to Grandma

"OK kids, here is the deal. The first one to grab me a beer and come back wins." says Ben to the children

Bumpin' Fists with Sawyer and Sylvia

Even though the rain started in the early afternoon, I think all of the kids and most of the adults had a pretty good time. Next time we will hope for better weather to prepare the big marshmallow s'mores.