Cutie Pie

Just wanted to show off another cute picture of Shaylan. She is about 8 months older than Sylvie and I think they have the same eyes. Shaylan and Sylvie are cousins and soon they will be the best of friends. At this point Shaylan is very curious about Sylvie and doesn't like it when "her" grandma holds another baby. Good thing Sylvie is still to small to understand jealousy. It will be interesting when they are both a little older.

Happy Birthday Shaylan!

Just a couple cute pictures of Shaylan enjoying her first cake. She started out like a little lady and then the sugar kicked in and she really got into it.

Puppy Dog Eyes

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the strong hands that hold mine.

I know that is a little cheesy, but I could get into a lot more cheesy stuff like being thankful for her little toes that wiggle out of her socks her her big eyes that are full of giggles and love, but I will stop there. This is the kinda stuff you think about in the middle of the night while nursing. Then I realized that my mom probably had these thoughts about me too.

So here are some other things I am thankful for:
ice cream--and lots of it
a good book
ice cream

Sylvia is thankful for:
her fingers-they provide hours of entertainment
super soft bamboo diapers
the blue frog on her exersaucer

Adam is thankful for (in no particular order):
2 good jobs
Sylvia's great daycare
our wonderful friends and family
Jameson Irish Whiskey

Please leave us comments letting us know what you are thankful for!

Happy Birthday Grandma Charlie!

Hi Grandma, Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

What!?!?!? You are how old-that is crazy! love you Sylvie

Five big ones

Who turned 5 this week??

Grandma Charlie



I guess everybody gets the same candle, but don't worry everybody got their own cake. Blake got cupcakes, Mom got white cake with white frosting and Sean got toilet paper cake:)

Mom made this gigantic sock monkey for Blake. Maybe when Blake is 10 he will be bigger than the monkey.

No pictures of Sylvie, she spent the party being crabby in the other room. I guess she doesn't like it when the attention isn't all on her:)

Gurgle Gurgle

Sylvia was 'talking' with Jamie this weekend. I found their conversation to be very exciting!

Not much is new with us, besides the obvious... Looking forward to seeing the families for Thanksgiving. Hopefully some new pictures will be posted soon as well.

4 Month Photo Shoot

A couple days late, but here is Sylvia at four months old.

We got Video

With the addition of Sylvia to our family, we have had to make many new purchases... A crib, a swing, baby clothes, diapers... you know, the staples. One other item that seems to be a staple with parents these days is a camcorder.

Just last week, our new toy arrived. Here is a quick little video of Sylvia talking away this morning while Mom and Dad were trying to sleep in.

Hope you enjoyed, and we will have more soon.

Cute Pic

Just wanted to share a picture :)

Rain Forest Jungle

Half of our living room resembles Costa Rica but Sylvie loves it. Her legs are about a foot to short but she doesn't care. Her sweater is a little big, but it helps to keep her upright, plus it is super cute and seems to match everything. I think this is the beginning of toys taking over our house.

Sunday with Great Grandpa

Sylvia had a little visit with grandpa on Sunday. They are just about 90 years apart in age. Someday Sylvie hopes to grow as tall as grandpa and maybe she will have as much hair too.

Do these two great grandpas get a 2 for 1 deal? I think Adam might have a new hair style soon.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

For Sylvia's first Halloween, Jamie, Missy, and Sylvia spent the night in, while Dad was curling. For our decoration out front, neighbors Ben and Bonnie carved this pumpkin for us.

But what is Halloween without Trick or Treating? At daycare, Sylvia and her classmates went from room to room in her building and loaded up on treats. Look at this stash!

Also included with the treats was this strange creature, let's call her Sally. Do anyone know what kind of creature Sally is? No matter what she is, I have a pretty good idea that Lucy will love her very much!

That is about it for now... Have a happy weekend.