Duluth Zoo

We have another trip to Duluth scheduled in less than a week, so we should finish all the posts from our last trip!

Even though Jamie and I spent 5 years living in Duluth, we never once visited the zoo.  I guess when you have kids, things change!  So when we decided to check out the zoo, we didn't know what to expect.  While small, I think the entire family was pleased with out visit.

All smiles in front of the bobcat exhibit.

A couple of monkeys!

This bear is huge!!!

The nice part of the exhibits is how close you can get to the animals.  The bald eagle is about 6 feet away!

The cockroaches are even closer!

The lion was warming itself in the sun

and Mr. Green Python greeted us to the reptile exhibit!

It was a great way to spend the morning in Duluth and now Violet has a new favorite Raffi song - "Going to the zoo"