First Family Trip to Duluth

After school wrapped up this year, we took the opportunity to spend a couple days up in Duluth before summer camp started.  Granted, a vacation with children is much different that just us two, we still had a great time sharing this special city with out kids.

First stop - Spirit Mountain

The Timber Twister - a few years old, but a really cool ride down the mountain (and then back up)

This is my scared face!

Another new favorite - The Duluth Grill

The "smashed penny"... another one of our collections

We did the "tourist" stuff and then headed up to our house about 10 minutes north of Duluth.  Since the weather was so nice, we opted for picnicking most of our meals.

Lunch on Lake Superior

yummy chips!

Since we were right on the lake, we investigated all of the cool rocks on the lakeshore...

some made their way into the trunk ;-)

Gotta stop at The Portland Maltshop


Two happy girls in front of the lift bridge

We were blessed with great weather and pretty good patience during this holiday.  We are looking forward to heading back up to Duluth in late July!