Fall Celbration!

File this one under "we thought it was posted, but was stuck in draft"...

Fall Celbration 2014 finally had weather we could all enjoy.  Festivities were moved back outside (instead of the garage and basement for the past couple years) and all were in great spirits!

Of course, we had the pinata again this year...  I think this is the most kids ever to take a whack at it.

From the younger kids...

To the older kids...

While we didn't capture the kill shot, I think we may need to have two pinatas next year.  One for the younger kids and one for the older kids...  Maybe some tape reinforcement on the later!

As the sun started to fall, the campfire got some attention and even roasted some marshmallows (we think!). 

The good news is we posted Fall Celbration 2014 before the actual Fall Celbration 2015!