Grandpa's Cabin

Cleaning up posts from last summer.

While we haven't been Up North to Grandpa's cabin for some time, not much has changed.  The water is still crystal clear and the fishing was great.


Sylvia with one of her many sunnies

Enjoying some icecream in town

Paul Bunyan's Girlfriend - Lucette

still out fishing in the kayak

Violet even got into the fishing fun

While it was a short weekend, and a long drive, it was a great time for all of the girls!

Trick or Treat!

Even though this year was mighty cold, the girls made it all the way around the block.  Definitely a record!

After collecting their loot, we sat around the bonfire for a bit at the end of the driveway.  Halloween on a Friday night should've been crazy busy, but we only had about 25 kids stop by. 

Oh well, more candy left over for us!

Cinderella and The Cat


Happy Halloween!