Chery Picking and More celebrating

When we purchased our house the prior owners told us the cherry tree in the backyard was their anniversary tree.  Since we left our anniversary tree at our South Minneapolis house, we felt it was OK to adopt this one as our own.

The first year, we didn't really know if the cherries were edible or not.  As it turns out, they are, and are quite sought after. 

There are about 2 weeks of prime harvesting in which we spend 10-15 minutes each night picking the ripe cherries.  This year, the girls wanted to help, so why not use the child labor!

Big girls on daddy's ladder

Sylvia pointing out which ones to pick

Violet got one!

She is very happy with her harvest.

Around this time was Sylvia's birthday.  Since we don't all get together at the same time, it allows for her to spread out her celebrations.  Thank you Grandpa & Grandma Cabin and Auntie Missy for the great gifts!

We also had our 3 year and 6 year wellness visits for the girls.  All is well and the stats are as follows:

Weight - 40# 4oz (24th percentile)
Height - 41 5/8" (3rd percentile)
BMI - 16.3 (76th percentile)

Weight - 31# 8oz (59th percentile)
Height - 35 1/2" (13th percentile)
BMI - 17.7 (91st percentile)

How long will it take for Violet to weigh more than her sister?