Easter Easter Easter!!

We are finally getting around to posting the Easter blog. 

It all starts off out at the cabin.  The girls hadn't colored eggs yet this year, so we took the opportunity to make the mess at the lake instead of at home!

Violet mixing up the color tablets

Two artists at work

Dipping eggs

After nap it was time to check out what goodies the Easter Bunny brought.  Since it was wet and muddy outside, the good Easter Bunny decided to hide the eggs in the porch.

On your mark, get set...


The girls did a great shop working together to find all of the eggs.  The ones with the coins in them were a big hit!  After some dinner we cleaned up and headed back home.

Easter Sunday was spent up at Grandma and Grandpa Chickens house.  One of the few nice days in April!

The girls in their Easter outfits


Not to be left out, the chickens even joined in the fun...

We didn't get too many pictures, but their loot was pretty solid.  Tons of jelly beans and chocolates to keep the girls wired for months to come!

Last weekend, we got together at the Tanious' house for one last Easter egg hunt.  As with most days, the weather was cold and windy, but that won't stop some kids from hunting through the grass and bushes for some candy!

 12 eggs / child was the quota.  Violet needed to confirm...

Sylvia needed to help out her little sister...

Sylvia showing off the find of the day.  The "Golden Egg" contained a bunch of candy and a $5 bill. 

She was very proud of finding the golden egg and wanted something special with it.  The next day we went to Target and she was able to buy her own Lego set.  Thanks Tanious family!!!