X-Mas 2013 Marathon

Like most years, we have a very busy Christmas day.  Christmas 2013 began with the girls running downstairs in the morning to see what Santa left.  First they checked out to goodies in the stockings.

Look, Santa left me some yogurt!

Sylvia was very happy with her Frozen dolls.  Just what she asked for!

We packed up the car and started the trek to Northfield.  We didn't get more than a mile down the road, and we turned back home.  Adam was driving Jamie's car and the roads were pretty slippery.  We decided to go back home and take the other car.  No big deal... just repack the entire trunk!

It did take a bit longer to get down to Northfield, and we passed several cars in the ditch, but we made it fine.

Presents and Dan and Kelley's new house

Cousin Shaelyn showing off her new blanket

After a quick bite to eat, we got the girls changed into their Christmas dresses and headed over to the farm for lunch and more presents.

Getting ready for the present exchange

All opened, but getting ready for the 5 minutes of swapping

Sylvia "throwing a fit" because something "wasn't fair"

Sylvia spent a couple days with Grandpa and Grandma chicken following Christmas day, so Violet came home with Jamie and Adam to try to get back into a "normal" routine.

The one big change this Christmas season was celebrating the Brodd Christmas in the same calendar year!  We all headed out to the cabin on Saturday the 28th.

Opening presents after lunch.

Still opening presents...

Grandma Cabin showing off her new scarf and mittens from Jamie

It isn't a Brodd (Lickfett) Christmas without making homemade ice cream.  This year both Sylvia and Violet helped out in the cranking.

Snack time!

Sylvia helping Grandma make the cookie salad

Sylvia got to lick the beaters off - Yummy!

Last, but certainly not least, we celebrated our last Christmas on New Year's Day at Mike and Charleen's place.  It was the start of the arctic chill, so we didn't have a chance to play outside, but the boys got their fix of hockey and football, while the younger kids stayed entertained.

The girls opening presents

Violet with one of her new dolls.  This one is super soft!

Ahhhh - so that was Christmas 2013.  Hard to believe that January is almost half way by us already.  The weather is finally above 0 degrees, so time for some outside playing again!  Hope to share some pictures soon.