Merry Christmas (Eve)

Merry Christmas everyone!  Today was a day filled full of old Christmas movies (A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone to name a few), a little bit of shopping, and some fun craft time.

Full on craftin'

The proud girls with their creations

I did it all be myself, I swear!

Following dinner with our famous homemade pizza, the girls took quick baths and then got to open one present.

One of Violet's handmade goodies

Sylvia's GoldieBlox

Both were then very happy to go to bed, knowing Santa is on his way.  Last check on NORAD, he was dropping off gifts in England.  He will be here soon!

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sylvia's Christmas Program

Last Thursday night was Sylvia's 1st school Christmas program.  The kids have been working for weeks to pull together this special night.

The gym was packed with parents and their camera / phones / video cameras / etc. 

It was tough to get a good picture of the group, but Jamie managed to get one of Sylvia

A little of the music we all enjoyed!

Merry Christmas!