Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. We don't have a kitty :)

Autumn Pumpkin Celbration

The annual tradition of the fall celbration is becoming the annual weekend of rainy, cold weather.  That being said, when a group of friends get together, we can manage to make the best out of anything.

It turns out a clean garage with a space heater serves as a great pumpkin carving location.  This year people got even more creative with their carvings.

Sydney's Guy

The Happy Pair
Jen and Theo w/ the pint sized "o-face"

Liz and her lady friend

Per normal tradition, following the pumpkin carving, and assuring all the children have arrived, we bring out the pinata.  With the fact that the kids are getting bigger (i.e. stronger) and the cheaply made Target pinata is weaker, we only made it through a couple kids until it broke apart.

Thank goodness we have the 3M stash of tapes!  Between clear packaging tape and decorative masking tape, we were able to fix up the pinata for several more whacks!

Following the "outdoor" fun, we headed downstairs for chili and hotdogs.  The kids (and adults) were all well behaved and we had a great time.

Following dinner, the kids headed back out to the garage for a movie on the big screen with homemade popcorn! 

Another year in the bank.  Maybe 2014 will offer better weather?