3M Picnic

Once again catching up on old posts...  The 3M Family picnic was held in early August and again was a success.  The girls love the jumpy houses and pony rides as well as the slides from over a half century ago!

Sylvia and Violet spent a good amount of time in the traditional jumpy castle, while the other ones were really only fit for Sylvia.


With Auntie Liz now working in the same division as Adam, she and Kevin were at the picnic as well.  It's sliding time!

While Violet wasn't quite sure about this next part, after feeding the pony a bunch of carrots...

She hopped up on her and took her for a ride!

No screaming, no crying, not even a look a fear... 

Until next year when the jumpy houses and pony rides continue!

Cabin Fashion

Just catching up on some old posts.  This one captures the true essence of what a weekend at the cabin is supposed to look like!

Hoping for another fun time this weekend... likely with even one more layer of fashion now that fall has arrived!

Friday Night Funnies...

Sylvia has been very proud of her new computer skills she has learned in her first week in Kindergarten.

She wanted to do some typing tonight, so Jamie opened up a blank Microsoft Word document.

In front of the keyboard was her new My Little Pony Applejack binder...

and on the screen....
I think we may have to have a discussion with her teacher about what is really being taught on those computers!

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Sylvia's 1st day of Kindergarten!  While the drop-off and pick-up remains the same for Mom and Dad, the daily schedule for Sylvia will be quite different.  A much more demanding day academically, no more nap time, and maybe the biggest change of all is the uniforms!

I am trying to smile, but I think I am nervous...

This backpack is huge!

Both Mom and Dad dropped off the girls this morning and Sylvia was very excited (and proud) of her big girl locker and all the awesome Command hooks that daddy put in for her!

While we never will have the true story of how the day went, here are the highlights of the day, per Sylvia, while discussing over dinner tonight:

1.  "I got to walk back from the bathroom ALL BY MYSELF!"  (It sounds like in Pre-K, the teacher had to escort them back from the bathroom, but now the kids can do that themselves)

2.  "I drank almost all my water today.  Only three kids brought water bottles, and only two kids brought snacks.  I loved my animal crackers, they are much better than the ones my sister has!"  (She can bring her own water bottle and morning snack to school.  Sounds like many of the other kids didn't.  The animal crackers likely contained gluten, so of course they are tastier!)

3.  "We got to play on the biggest, hugest playground today!"  (The playgrounds are separated by age, and she has now reached the 'old kid' threshold apparently)

I am sure there will be more stories to share as we begin this new adventure... We will try to share as many as we can.