New Pics

Below are some new pictures from our latest photo shoot with Auntie Missy.  We will let the pictures do the talking... enjoy!


The title of this post is perfect considering what is going outside our window this moment... 

First of all, our appologies for the delay in new posts.  We had some sicknesses move through the house and also had some technical issues with the blog.  But we are back!

A couple weeks ago, we got hit with yet another Spring Blizzard.  Unlike those in the middle of the winter, these have been followed by sunny skies and temps in the high 30's to even lower 50's.  Pretty crazy stuff...

 Sylvia has become a master of the snow angel
 Violet was checking out the construction of the snowman
 More snow angels...
 Why not some chalk time after a blizzard?

Well, at some point this spring we hope to enjoy the 70's and play out in the yard, but until that day happens, we will make the most of what we have!