Snow Angel Lessons and Christmas Part ??

Still catching up on posts from the last month of so.  About three weeks ago, one of Jamie's co-workers from Manila was visiting.  Grace has never seen snow before, so Sylvia did her best to teach how to make snow angels.  I think they did a great job.

And after two weeks ago, we can finally close the books on Christmas 2012!  Ben and Bonnie were in town and were able to stop by before heading home to Hayward.  We enjoyed some great conversation and a small bite to eat.  Next was present time!

Violet with her new "Super Violet" shirt

Smiling Sylvia - she got a bunch of art supplies so she was happy

Big sister "helping out"

Ben showing off his stuffed shirt.  Sylvia and Violet stuffed him up with all of the tissue paper and wrapping paper!

We all had a great time and are looking forward to spending time with Ben and Bonnie soon.  Hopefully we will make it up to Hayward soon.

Hot Lava

A long overdue post...

Each week Sylvia has a new "unit" at school.  Last week it was Dr. Seuss, the week prior it was US Mail.  When I arrived home tonight, I was told that this week is all about Hawaii.

Today they must have learned about the volcanoes in Hawaii, as Sylvia drew a picture of our family being consumed by hot lava!

From left to right:  Dad, Sylvia, Violet, Mom

When asked why Violet was sad, Sylvia responded that she had an "ow-we".  I guess if my feet where in hot lava, I would have an ow-we as well!