Quick Update

It has been too long since the last update, but mostly due to our crazy schedules... Adam has been curling a bunch and Jamie has been studying for her certification test.  Basically that leaves very little time to catch up on the blog.

Tonight, dad had a work happy hour and afterwards it turned into "beat up daddy" night.  It started as some simple airplane rides, but turned into "jump on daddy as hard as you can".

While the girls only weigh ~22# and 38# respectively, it still hurts when they jump on your head!

Other quick updates include Violet is in a "YES" phase... she says yes for everything.  I am guessing that will shortly change into a "NO" phase!

Sylvia is loving the latest round of snow as we have been outside working on our "castle".  She has also taking a new obsession with water colors - so her artistic talents have been in full effect lately.

 Mom and dad are both fine and hope to update the blog a bit more frequently!