Before the Snow

A couple weekends ago, we had some unseasonably warm weather, so we took advantage of one last day out in the yard.
It also marked the transition of "summer" toys to "winter" toys, so Sylvia took full advantage of double the toys...
Teeter-Totter with Sylvia, Violet, and Monkey

Arrrrrr!!!!! I am a crazy girl!

Arrrrr!  I am crazy like my big sister!!


I'm a cutie!

Case #1 of winter and summer blending together...  Stuffed animals in snow sled

I said no more pictures!

Case #2 of winter and summer blending together... Stuffed animals in snow sled behind wagon with purple chairs with stuffed animals on top

Above contraption running over little sister... I think we are done playing

Time for a picnic on the front steps!
 After all this fun, the temperature dropped about 50 degrees over the next few days and our first measurable snowfall hit Woodbury.  Looking forward to playing outside in the white stuff!





Swinging in the rain

We just realized that we missed a post last Summer. 
Here are the girls enjoying some swimming / singing / playing in the rain!

Just think, we will be playing in the snow shortly!

Happy Halloween

Per normal, when the camera comes out, Sylvia turns into a completely different person.  Yesterday was Halloween and two minutes prior she was running around excited to get outside for trick or treating...
Picture time - not so much fun!

Violet on the other hand was just enjoying life.  Super Violet enjoyed climbing on the pumpkin - without falling down!

For whatever reason, Sylvia then decided to smile and we did get at least one good picture!

Super Violet in full costume... Her first treat was a pack of Play-doh.  (The measuring spoons were from home)

Trick or Treat at Mark and Terri's house... mmm more candy!

A couple more houses and we were done.  Each year we get more and more excited about Halloween, but when it comes to going up to doors, we are still slightly scared.  Maybe next year, Violet will take the charge!