Happy Friday!

Just wanted to post a couple cute pictures that Missy took for Violet's 1 year photo shoot. She got so many great ones it is hard to pic my favorites. I am not sure how she is able to get cute shots when Violet doesn't really seem to be cooperating at all during the shoot. She doesn't understand that Missy and I work so hard trying to come up with fun props and photo ideas.

She has been busy getting 3 teeth the last couple of weeks. She also took her first steps on Tuesday this week. Adam and I are also pretty sure we have heard her say graham cracker. It seems a bit crazy, but we both heard her say it at different times. So we are up to 3 words, a couple of signs, waving hi and goodbye, and blowing kisses. She also seems pretty fearless. I have had way too many calls from school letting me know that she got hurt in the last couple of weeks.