Big Sister Help

Big sister Sylvia was teaching Violet how to climb the steps.

 "All you need to do is lift your feet"

We made it to the top - well almost

Sometimes I am glad I am not around when the girls are "playing".  I just picture the little one rolling down the steps!  I guess before I know it, they will be bringing home boys to the house - so I should enjoy these simple times...

4th of July Celbration

10 years.... can you believe it?  I am sure most of you are aware of our little 4th of July Celbration, but this was a big one... The group, in some part, has been celebrating the 4th of July together for the past 10 years. 

Things have obviously changed quite a bit - mostly with the addition of children to everyone's lives.  But some minor changes as well. 

Instead of the cottage in Wisconson, it is at the cabin in Minnesota. 
Instead of beers for breakfast, it is breakfast at our own house and then driving to the lake for the day. 
Instead of a bonfire, fireworks, and more beers, it is everyone heading home after dinner time so that the bed-time routines are not that messed up.

Well, I guess all those changes are a result of children.  Soon they will be old enough that the moms and dads can enjoy the 4th of July like they did back in the beginning... but without children, we couldn't enjoy great moments like this...

Sydney getting ready for the jetski ride (with pink lifejacket of course!)  
Evangiline, Elisa, and Sylvia floating along in the sun.

Reagan is ready for more water... 
Charlie giving directions to Scott - "This is how you are supposed to catch me!"

The monster tent once again provided some protection from the sun (heat)

It started cooler in the porch - that is until 25 people crowded into it!

Violet and Andrew discussing what to drink next

The gang keeping cool in the water

I think we have a water lover with Violet

Big Zac showing off the 'guns'

The 60 year old swingset even got some action

Oh yeah, we can't forget Sylvia's early birthday cake!

"Happy Birthday to You!!!"

She finally got them all - and that was a good thing - her friends were getting HUNGRY!

All in all, it was a pretty good time.  The weather was hot, but the water was nice.  A bit of ice cream on the cake helped out as well!

Until next year - another 4th has come and gone...  Let's hope for 85 and sunny next year!

Friday the 13th

Generally most people associate Friday the 13th as a bad day... It turns our for Jamie it was quite the opposite.

First - while picking up Violet from school, she said "mama" for the first time!

Of course, not to be outdone by her little sister, Sylvia came home with this artwork yesterday. 

As you can imagine, Jamie was very proud of her two girls... So much for the "evil" Friday the 13th!

Happy Birthday to Sylvia!

Happy Bithday to you!
My little stinkaroo!

Thanks to Auntie Missy for the pics.

Cleaning the windows

It may be hard to tell what is going on here, but I was cleaning the deck and took the opportunity to spray the glass with the girls looking through it.  Either Violet has no reflexes, or no fear, as she didn't even flinch when I sprayed it at her.  Sylvia on the other hand closed her eyes and screamed each time the water jet was coming at her.  Both did seem to enjoy the game however.

Pool Party

With Summer really heating up, nothing is better than some time in the backyard kiddie pool.  Sylvia has been doing a great job at being a big sister and helping Violet out in the pool.

 It starts with a hug

And then leaning back

oops... a little too far!

 What's this over here???

 Still smiling after the faceplant into the water!

Wait a minute.... what happened to the swimming suit?

Not to be left out of the fun, Sylvia also had to join in the naked party.  She went one step further by watering the garden in the buff!

Cabin Fun

A couple weekends ago we headed out to the cabin to prepare for the 4th of July Celbration as well as get some R&R.   It looks like things were working out great for Violet as she was drinking one of Grandpa's beers....  Looks like she is on number four or five by the time this picture was taken.

Sylvia and Dad had some quiet time for fishing off the dock.  I didn't really think we would catch anything, but maybe we could've got lucky with a carp.  Sylvia put marshmallows on her hook and after we didn't  get any bites, she decided that the fish weren't hungry for marshmallows.  Silly fish!

Cruzin' Violet

Violet continues to become more and more mobile.  Here is a video from a couple weeks back of her cruising with her walker.