Fun with Dad

I live in a house full of girls, so I may as well embrace it.  

A couple weeks back Zach celebrated his 5th birthday.  One of the prizes in the box of goodies was some finger nail polish.  This was a new experience for Sylvia (and Dad), but I think we did a good job.

I'm not completely giving up however!  Last Saturday, Sylvia and I went to The Home Depot for the kids workshop.  Basically, HD gives you a kit to work on in the store.  They provide everything - hammers, glue, paint, etc.  This month it was the #20 Home Depot NASCAR.  They even had a ramp set up to "race" against the other kids.

Sylvia was very proud of her car... and also remembered we made the same car one year ago, so once we got home, we had to find its "friend".

It will be interesting to watch these two girls grow up and see how much "boy" stuff they will do and how much "girl" stuff they will do.


Liz said...

You're welcome.

Liz said...

That last picture is hilarious.